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Cablenet is the only Cable TV and Cable Internet carrier in Cyprus. Currently the coverage is limited only to several urban areas. The difference between Cable Internet and ADSL is that unlike ADSL (I-choice, Primetel) that connect you to the internet via the telephone line that is already installed in your home, you connect to Cablenet with a separate coaxial cable that is installed to your home once you purchase the service. Therefore, connecting to the Internet through Cablenet is independent of your telephone carrier. Cablenet also offers an ADSL product which is available at more locations.

Cablenet coverage

Cablenet has a limited coverage. You can find out whether your area is covered by Cablenet by entering your postal code in this form.

Cablenet TV channels

All packages of Cablenet include a number of Cypriot and International satellite television channels. A unique characteristic of Cablenet is that for no additional cost you can watch three different television channels from three different television sets around your home at the same time. If you would like a Cable TV without the Internet you can take the cable/view+ package for 17.90 per month.

Cablenet Internet connectivity

Cablenet has several surf+view (internet + TV) packages as well as talk+surf+view (telephony + Internet + TV) packages. All of the packages below include Internet connectivity as well as several Cypriot and Satellite Analog TV channels. The "Family" and nitro HD+ packages come with both Analog and Digitat TV Channels while the nitro HD+ package offers HD TV channels. All Cablenet prices on this page include VAT.

Cablenet Surf+View products
Package Name Downstream Upstream Telephony Deposit Monthly Fee
surf+view 2M 2Mbps 512kbps no 40 €20.90
surf+view 6M 6Mbps 1Mbps no 40 €27.90
surf+view 20M 20Mbps 2Mbps no 40 €40.90
surf+view 50M 50Mbps 4Mbps no 40 €71.90
talk+surf+view 2M 2Mbps 512kbps yes 40 23.90
talk+surf+view 6M 6Mbps 1Mbps yes €40 €30.90
talk+surf+view 20M 20Mbps 2Mbps yes 40 43.90
talk+surf+view 50M 50Mbps 4Mbps yes €40 €74.90
cable/nitro HD+ 100Μ 100Mbps 8Mbps yes 40 99.90
family+ 30M 30Mbps 3Mbps yes 40 51.90

ADSL Double Play

Cablenet now also offers Internet and telephony services through ADSL2. The ADSL packages do not include TV.

Cablenet ADSL Talk+Surf products
Package Name Downstream Upstream Telephony Deposit Monthly Fee
adsl/talk+surf 10M 10Mbps 768kbps yes 40 34.90

Pros and Cons of Cablenet


  • High Speeds
  • Watch three different TV channels at the same time


  • Limited coverage
  • No advanced digital TV options such as video on demand