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Note: I-choice is now renamed to DSL Access

The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) is the main telecom carrier in Cyprus, owned partly by the government, and until recently it had a monopoly of this sector.

I-choice, recently renamed to DSL Access, is an ADSL Platform only. You will also need to buy a connection package from an Internet Service Provider.

i-choice Coverage

CYTA owns most of the telecom infrastructure in Cyprus and its ADSL service has the widest coverage. If you live in a rural area then i-choice is the only ADSL platform that might be available. To find out if i-choice is available in your area visit the i-choice coverage map and enter your telephone number in the input box at the lower left corner of the page. If you do not have a fixed phone yet, you can select your district in the map to see if your area is listed. Note: The above mentioned website will tell you whether the telephone exchange of your area is quipped with the necessary ADSL technology. This doesn't necessarily mean that ADSL will be available to you since this depends on other factors, such as the distance of your home from the telephone exchange and the quality of your telephone line.

i-choice products

For the i-choice platform there is a one time installation fee and a monthly rental fee. The installation can be done by CYTA or, in the case of home users, you may do a self installation by obtaining the necessary equipment and an installation guide from one of the cytashops available in all districts.

Products Installation by CYTA Self Installation Monthly Rental Speed Downstream Speed Upstream
Home512 78.59 39.30 8.60 512kbps 256kbps
Home1000 78.59 39.30 12.10 1Μbps 384kbps
Home2000 €78.59 €39.30 €15.64 2Mbps 512kbps
Home3000 78.59 39.30 20.13 3Mbps 512kbps
Home4000 €78.59 €39.30 €25.30 4Μbps 512kbps
Home8000 €78.59 €39.30 €29.90 8Μbps 768kbps
Home12000 78.59 39.30 33.30 12Μbps 768kbps
Office2000 78.59 - 34.50 2Mbps 768kbps
Office4000 €78.59 - €40.25 4Mbps 768kbps
Office8000 €78.59 - €57.50 8Mbps 1Μbps
Office12000 €78.59 - 80.50 12Mbps 1Μbps
Office4000 plus €78.59 - €46.00 4Mbps 2Μbps
Office8000 plus €78.59 - €63.25 8Mbps 2Μbps

Internet Services Providers offering Internet connectivity over the i-choice platform

The table below lists all ISPs that offer ADSL services by utilizing CYTA's i-choice platform. A price comparison of some of the most popular products for home users is done here. Click on the name of an ISP to see more details as well as read and write reviews about them.

ISP name 1Mbps / 384Kbps 2Mbps / 512Kbps 4Mbps / 512Kbps 12Mbps / 768Kbps
Cytanet €8.60 €10.81 €18.40 39.60
Netway - - €26.07 65
WaveSpeed - - €29.47 -
Logosnet €8.50 €10.50 €18 39.50

CytaVision (Digital TV)

CytaVision (formerly known as Mivision) is the Digital TV option available to the subscribers of i-choice. Installation of CytaVision costs 98.24 and the monthly fee is an additional 23 (full pack) or €11.50 (Value Pack) added to your i-choice bill. By paying extra fees you can gain access to premium channels and movies on demand and play games with the included game-pad.

i-choice Costs

To obtain the i-choice service a pre-requisite is to have at your premises a fixed phone line provided by CYTA. The cost of telephone connection with CYTA is 117.30 (once off) with a monthly subscription fee of 16.02. The other costs, for the i-choice platform and for the Internet Service Provider of your choice, are provided in the two tables above.

Cost scenarios:

  1. You have no phone line. You want 1Mbit ADSL. CYTA will do the installation. The ISP of your choice is Cytanet.
    • One off cost: 117.30 for the phone line installation, 78.59 for installation by Cyta. Total: 195.89.
    • Monthly cost: 16.02 for the phone line rent, 12.10 for the i-choice platform, 8.60 for Cytanet. Total: 36.72
  2. You already have a phone line with Cyta. You want 512Kbits ADSL. You will do the Installation yourself. The ISP of your choice is Logosnet.
    • One off cost: 39.30 for the i-choice Self Installation
    • Monthly cost: 16.02 for the phone line rent, 8.60 for the i-choice platform, 6.50 for Logosnet. Total: 31.12
  3. You already have a phone line with Cyta. You want 12Mbit ADSL. You will do the installation yourself. The ISP of your choice is Cytanet. You want a CytaVision Digital TV subscription
    • One off cost: 39.30 for the i-choice Self Installation, 98.24 for CytaVision installation. Total: 137.54
    • Monthly cost: 16.02 for the phone line rent, 33.30 for the i-choice platform, 23 for CytaVision, 39.60 for Cytanet. Total: 111.92

Pros and Cons of the i-choice platform


  • Widest coverage than any other broadband platform in Cyprus
  • No commitment or contracts necessary
  • Most homes already have a phone line by CYTA so there is no need to switch carriers


  • Unless you use Netrunner (Cytanet) as your ISP you will have to pay two separate bills, one for the platform and one for the ISP.


If you have tried the i-choice platform by CYTA please write a review about your positive and/or negative experiences.

If your review is based on past experiences please include the time period you have been using this service.

Please post reviews about i-choice only, and not about any ISP (e.g. Cytanet) or another service. However feel free to compare i-choice with similar products of other companies.

Please note that i-choice is an ADSL platform only. If you experienced Internet connectivity problems they might be due to your Internet Service Provider and not due to i-choice.

Don't forget to cast your vote with your rating for i-choice.

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User Rating: 3 out of 5 after 11 votes

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reviewer: kwacka

Difficult to write a report on i-choice, I've used them with two different ISPs and had opposite experiences which suggests that problems lie with the ISP rather than i-choice itself.

With Netrunner slow downloads, numerous service interuptions, with Netway no problems.

If you need the assistance of the helpdesk, make sure you've got a comfortable chair and a drink. Turn on the TV to pass the time as well.


reviewer: No_Fear

even thow i have cyta,i will not recomend it today,CytaNet technicians are fast ,telephone support some times they delay but dont forget they are the biggest internet company with lot of customers,the reason i am not recomend them is their speeds they offer 1024download with only 128upload with the same money you can buy much faster dsl packages.


reviewer: untelepathic

The greatest advantage of i-choice is that they have very good coverage. So, if you, like me, live in a village, it's probably your only choice for broadband.


The i-choice network has one of the most weird designs I've ever seen. A tracert reveals that, in order to reach your ISP, your packets need to pass through a PPPoE tunnel, 4 routers, and 3 subnets. Obviously, this increases latency and makes the network prone to errors. And of course there's that unnecessary web site you have to visit every time you loose your connection.

Their equipment is also not of a very good standard. The modems are very inexpensive models and notorious for surrendering the spirit after a couple of years of operation (this seems to be changing a bit nowadays, with the new speedtouch models they're now installing). The "MiVision" IPTV device is even worse: Made by a company called aminet, it's definitely an entry level model that takes about 1 minute to boot and is so underpowered it needs a second or two to respond to simple remote control commands.

Connection speed is probably i-choice's biggest problem, as they only offer up to 1 Mbps (1024/256) for home users. Recently, they announced a 2 Mbps option, and I've been told that they've "secretly" began accepting applications for it. But this is still a far cry from the 8-10 Mbps offered by the competition.


Despite the weirdness of its design and its initial problems, the i-choice network seems to be very stable nowadays. I can't remember the last time they had a global outage, but I'm sure it was at least a couple of years ago. This is to be expected, as the network is almost 10 years old now and Cyta seems to be doing a pretty good job maintaining it.

Also, MiVision, their IPTV, is actually pretty good: The picture is crytal clear with no dropouts (for me at least). And the programming, with a bunch of premium channels, all of Cyprus' sports and football events, and movies on demand, is not bad at all.

The Bottom Line:

If you live in a rural area and i-choice is the only way to go, go for it. The service is decent if a little slow. But if you're in a town, you'd probably do better with PrimeTel or Cablenet. They offer better speed and you'll have much less trouble with their equipment.

A Hint:

Someone has complained about problems with i-choice and certain ISPs. This is usually not a problem with the ISP but with the configuration of the i-choice modem. If you're using i-choice with an ISP other than CytaNet, and you are connecting to the modem directly (i.e. you don't have a router), you need to manually set your DNS settings to those of your ISP. For example, if you're using Netway, your preferred DNS server must be, with as your alternative.

I-choice Current Equipment:

IPTV Device:


reviewer: ddd

telephathic could you explain in detail how can someone connect directly to the modem?? i have ichoice and provider netway. Also i've read the reviews here about cablenet..can someone tell me how fast it is in kbps, like with ichoice and netway i have right now, when Im downloading from internet it usually goes between 80-120 kbps, when im using a p2p program it depends, usually my download speed is around 10-20 kbps, the problem is my upload speed, its really slow, when im uploading something the maximum is 12-15 kbps and in p2p program is even cablenet speeds better than the ones I got? thanks


reviewer: harry100

cytanet and i-choice i have send them emails asking when the update will happen
and they send me an email saying that they will cut of my Internet connection and take me to court if i don't stop sending them emails about the upgrade they said it will happen
at the start of 2008


i think cytanet and i-choice are the worst Internet service providers in Cyprus

PS don't go with cytanet and i-choice


i give them 0 to 10

a big fat 0


reviewer: efrem

je emeis sto dikastirio mazi sou man, na se ipostiriksoume


reviewer: harry100

se efxaristo file


reviewer: georget

cytanet and i-choice i have send them emails asking when the update will happen
and they send me an email saying that they will cut of my Internet connection and take me to court if i don't stop sending them emails about the upgrade they said it will happen
at the start of 2008


i think cytanet and i-choice are the worst Internet service providers in Cyprus

PS don't go with cytanet and i-choice


i give them 0 to 10

a big fat 0



reviewer: efrem



reviewer: spits

the problem is,the company's thief s of Cyprus,that they take our money for lines like 1 mbit and 2mbit,with unelectable services,and they overcharge us for them,wen the rest of the world is talking for 50mps speeds,and very low costs ,(like about 50 euro ,for tel,and internet.)dont forget also that we are sharing are lines also with others with ratios 1/10- 1/20,but we pay them a single users.the stupid technical support and of"corse,especially in weekends,and late at night.
i hope someone starts the complains to they eec,and maybe they will be fines against the company's,and maybe they will start working professionally.
i come from a country that had 24mbit lines,with cost 37 euro,included vat,included all telephone calls for free in the country.
its a big shame ,that Cyprus was one of the first country's that had adsl on the planet,and now,its the second before the last of country's. Angry


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