3G Mobile Broadband

Using a 3G mobile phone, a 3G modem or a specialized 3G data card you can access the internet with broadband speeds of up to 384Kbps or up to 1.8Mbps in the case of 3.5G (HSDPA).

3G coverage is limited to urban and suburban areas however, where usually the better and more cost effective ADSL connectivity will be available. Still, 3G can be great for having broadband on your notebook at almost all locations around any of Cyprus towns, or as an alternative to ADSL in areas covered by 3G but not by ADSL.

3G in Cyprus is offered by Cytamobile-Vodafone and MTN. The whole network of Cytamobile-Vodafone has already been upgraded to 3.5G with MTN currently in the process of a 3.5G upgrade with priority given to the urban areas of Nicosia.

Using onspeed you can further increase the 3G speed and also reduce the bandwidth consumption, making 3G a viable alternative.

Before you invest on a 3G mobile or a data card make sure that the area you intent to use 3G to access the internet is covered by your mobile provider. If there is no 3G coverage the speed will drop to GPRS which is painfully slow.