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OTEnet Telecom was formed in Cyprus in 2003 as the local branch of OTE, the telecom colossus of Greece. As of January 2011, the registered brand name OTEnet Telecom Ltd ceased to exist, and is replaced by MTN Cyprus Ltd.

OTEnet ADSL packages

OTEnet offers ADSL broadband connectivity on its own broadband network as well as via the DSL Access (i-choice) platform.

OTEnet ADSL on the OTEnet Network

OTEnet Telecom offers ADSL products that utilize its own network. This means you can have an ADSL connection directly with OTEnet without the need to pay additionally for an ADSL platform like Cyta's ADSL Access. Some packages also include the telephone renatal fees, making them an all inclusive telephony and internet solution.

OTEnet Home packages
Package Name Max Speed Down/Up Telephone Lines included Installation Fee Monthly Fee
Home 4+ 4Mbps / 512Kbps 2 €97.75 €33
Home 8+ 8Mbps / 768Kbps 2 €97.75 45

OTEnet ADSL on the DSL Access (i-choice) platform

The table below lists the ADSL packages offered by OTEnet on the i-choice platform.

OTEnet (i-choice) packages overview
Package Name Max Speed Down/Up Required i-choice Connection Static IPs Setup Fee Monthly Fee
OnDSL 512 512Kbps / 192Kbps Home512 no - 9.73
OnDSL 1000 1Mbps/ 256Kbps Home1000 no - 11.25
OnDSL 1000 + IP 1Mbps/ 256Kbps Home1000 1 17.68 19.55
OnDSL 2000 2Mbps/ 384Kbps Home2000 no - 16.56
OnDSL 2000 + IP 2Mbps/ 384Kbps Home2000 1 17.68 29.90
OnDSL 4000 4Mbps/ 384Kbps Home4000 no - 46.58
OnDSL 4000 + IP 4Mbps/ 384Kbps Home4000 1 17.68 58.92
DSL 2004 2Mbps/ 512Kbps Office2000 4 70.73 77.62
DSL 2008 2Mbps/ 512Kbps Office2000 8 70.73 90.00
DSL 4004 4Mbps/ 512Kbps Office4000 4 141.47 134.55
DSL 4008 4Mbps/ 512Kbps Office4000 8 141.47 146.92
DSL 4016 4Mbps/ 512Kbps Office4000 16 141.47 153.99
DSL 4032 4Mbps/ 512Kbps Office4000 32 141.47 166.37
DSL 8004 8Mbps/ 768Kbps Office8000 4 141.47 227.70
DSL 8008 8Mbps/ 768Kbps Office8000 8 141.47 240.00
DSL 8016 8Mbps/ 768Kbps Office8000 16 141.47 247.15
DSL 8032 8Mbps/ 768Kbps Office8000 32 141.47 259.52

Please see the i-choice platform page for the other fees you will have to pay in order to get ADSL connection. The ISP (OTEnet in this case) is just one of costs.


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User Rating: 3.25 out of 5 after 8 votes


reviewer: Sotos

Otenet is the ISP I use now and I have no complaints. They are fast and they are cheap also. I use the 1Mbit connection with i-choice for 10 pounds per month. The only small problem is that you have to use their own SMTP server to send out email unless you upgrade to the package with the static IP. I guess they do this to reduce spam and in general I don't find it a big issue.

Now I want to try their new Xtream package but they don't cover my area yet. I hope they will soon. I just hope those 4GB per week will be enough for me since I download a lot with peer-to-peer programs but maybe I can do that at night that there are no limits!


reviewer: elcapitan

Using OTEnet powwwer advance. The connection is very reliable and the speed is consistently as advertised. We had an issue with port 25 being closed so we had a problem setting up our email server but one short phone call fixed that.

Using the connection for a small LAN to be internet connected and using p2p networks for filesharing. We operate and Exchange sevrer with some additional services which are connected in Cpyrus and the UK with no problems.

Overall I would say a very solid ADSL service. I am still slightly surprised by the costs to get a 2Mbps connection in Cyprus though.
Having read the review of PrimeTels service we're not tempted by the lower pricing and higher potential bandwidth!


reviewer: yottie

I have recently switched to Otenet after two years with Net Runner/I-choice and a further two years with Spidernet/I-choice.  I am very pleased with my new connection and the customer service.  For those wishing to use other outgoing mail servers, the answer is to change the port to 587.

Now they have removed the download restrictions and the charge for use of WIFI, I have all I want from my ISP.


reviewer: kowalski

I've been a customer of Otenet for the past 3 years and have been 100% satisfied with their service (can't remember ever requiring assistance from their support team) until recently. It all changed when i made the move to their one network (rather than using them as an ISP only). Since day one I've been plagued with disconnection problems, some of which would last for days at a time. Tried to put them aside as 'teething' problems but that was not the case. Their service and support centre doesn't seem to be able to cope, and although might sound pretty helpful and willing to my experience they are the anything but. I've spend hours waiting to talk with someone who could be of any real assistance, and calls that should have been returned never materialized. Victims of their success? Maybe. Someone should actually remind them that in order to expand existing customers are just as important as new ones lured in by some great offers they have. I'm NOT RECOMMENDING this service to anyone. I'll be moving to a different service provider as soon as my contract expires in a few months time.


reviewer: Rollout

I currently have a powwwer advance running on the OTEnet Platform and I am very satisfied from my service. The bandwidth ratio is excellent @ all times (better than ichoice  Grin). Had a couple of problems with port forwarding but according to Customer support it is company policy which I can understand. This problem was finally resolved by bridging my modem and from there on I took control over my network. Customer Service gets 2 thumbs up from me since I called on a Friday night around 10 pm and they were able support me without the normal excuses that we will have to look into it on Monday.



reviewer: vassospa

Hello to everyone,

I've been subscribed to OTEnet ADSL Xtream and it is an excellent service.
Due to low customer subscription, OTEnet has overcapacity in internet bandwidth hence NO contention!

Also the prices are new! Check


reviewer: ru4real

My experience.

I subscribed a few months with OTENET.

For the last 2 months no servcie whatsoever (yes - 2 months!)No telephone line. No internet. That`s correct nothing for 2 months.

Technical support apparently blame CYTA and CYTA deny any issues exist. So 2 montsh and no service yet and no servcie in sight.

Indicative of the service to be expected. As a comapny they do not have a specilaised customer care telephone line. Indeed the telephone numbers and address supllied on their own web site and the reverse of their invoices are inccorect.

So no servcie for two months. No appolgies and apparently it`s CYTA`s fault. But the invocies still arrive on time.

So exactly how many recoemndations have I given thsi comapny?